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February 24, 2021

Introducing: QR codes ⭐️

It’s finally here! Booqable now supports QR codes. Compared to traditional barcodes, QR codes are flexible in size, have high fault tolerance, and lightning-fast readability.

With this update, you can now use a wide range of barcode types in Booqable: QR, EAN-8 and 13, and Code 39, 93, and 128.

Every order in Booqable now has a unique QR code that shows on packing slips. But here’s another idea…

You can also include it in your email templates, allowing you to scan the code right from a customer’s phone — resulting in a more frictionless in-store experience.

Learn more about barcodes and QR codes in our Help Center. Click the links below, or scan the QR codes with your phone. 😉

Creating barcodes & QR codes Scanning barcodes & QR codes

Johan van Zonneveld
Herman de Bruine
Product Manager

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